In a small space living room you can’t do much without the help of others. And that is why it is very important to create something that’s not just pleasing for one person. You want your home to be inviting to everyone. Here are a few tips on how to make a small space living room appear larger.

Creating an atmosphere in a small living room is not a very easy thing to do. A large open space allows you to control the amount of light, noise and air flow. But if you do that you end up with a lot of distractions.

You have to find ways to make the rooms feel larger than they really are. This is where art and decoration come in. In a small living room, it will be important to add something artistic and ornate to give it a sense of size. A table top, a piece of furniture with a dramatic flair, even an antique mirror will all help to draw attention to the areas where it’s needed.

Looking at pictures, posters or photos can also give your space the feeling of being bigger. This is a good way to add interest to what is usually a small area. The colors and styles that you use will depend on the decorating style you choose.

One of the best ideas to consider when trying to bring space into a small space is the type of flooring that you choose. Tile is always a good choice because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Vinyl floors are also a good choice because they’re inexpensive and easy to clean.

For those foot traffic, tile floors and carpet floors are also very practical choices. For the more open spaces, opt for wood, or even bamboo. These options also lend themselves to being moved around if needed. In a small space living room, you can be creative and make use of wicker baskets, throw pillows and other easy-to-remove items to provide seating.

Think outside the box and try to find a way to add some light. Using plants and the use of hanging baskets, you can add some plants. You can place candles on a table for ambiance and a light over the fireplace for a little brightness. Adding a lamp to the side of the sofa and placing a candle in front of it on a low shelf can provide a nice glow in the dark.

In a small living room you don’t want to overwhelm with too many designs. A mixture of all of these ideas can help you make a good combination. Decorating in a small space is all about planning and considering what to use and what not to use.