The Ikea Pax is a durable and spacious store style storage container. This product has become very popular among the housewives of today, as it can hold a number of items and spaces comfortably. The built in shelf is made up of two shelves which are set vertically with each having four sides.

One way to organize your things is to put your things in one corner or at the bottom of the closet. However, there are those who prefer to place their things at the top of the closet so that it can accommodate a large number of items easily. A free-standing Ikea Pax can also be used to store your stuffs and other things. These storage containers have become very popular and many people purchase them for their homes.

They are very convenient in making an efficient use of their space. They also make perfect storage for your things with the possibility of folding them if you do not want to keep them with you all the time.

You can simply place the Pax near the entrance or exit of your home and just open the door to see if anyone needs to use the closet and if no one is around then the Pax can be closed. In addition, you can place the Pax in a hallway in a room and make the entire room accessible to all your friends or clients. You may even place the Pax near your pool or just outside your house.

You can store your belongings in the Pax to organize and sort them. There are those who use these racks as table tops to store other things such as books, magazines, papers, and knick-knacks. You may buy all these supplies from Ikea as it can provide you with a lot of such things from where you can store your stuff securely.

The Ikea Pax is extremely sturdy and strong with its seamless metal frame and reinforced corners. The front legs which support the floor are made up of plastic which is resistant to cracks and scratches and they come with four-side brackets to help you install them correctly.

The Ikea Pax is very convenient as it comes with wheels for easy transport and it can also be easily maneuvered in tight corners. The Pax is also lightweight and it takes up little space, which makes it suitable for storing even your essentials.